Power Auctions is a leading provider of consulting and software development services for high-stakes online auctions.

No other organization can match the depth and breadth of our experience and success in high-stakes auctions. For 15 years, we have been the leading innovators in the field. We have managed the successful design, implementation and execution of more than 250 auctions across six continents, many with transaction value exceeding $100 million. In auctions where we do not represent the seller, we have given unrivaled strategic bidding advice to buyers.

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Clock Auctions

Our firm has been the leading innovator in the design of clock auctions and our software has been used to run the majority of high-stakes clock auctions held worldwide to date. We designed and implemented the first commercial implementation of a simultaneous clock auction worldwide, for EDF. We have designed and operated numerous ascending and descending clock auctions for other companies, governments and NGOs, including ISO New England, UK National Grid, E.ON, Iberdrola, BHP Billiton, the FCC, ODC and ICANN. Our proprietary Intra-Round Bidding technology allows a significant reduction in the number of rounds in an auction while improving efficiency and revenues. We have been awarded 22 US patents for our auction technology and have other patents pending.

SMRA Auctions

Using our PowerAuctions™ software platform, we have built a modern implementation of the Simultaneous Multiple-Round Ascending auction. The SMRA design is the auction format that has been used for most spectrum auctions worldwide since 1994. We offer the most innovative and effective SMRA software available anywhere. Aside from being a leading solution for spectrum regulators, our software is frequently used by mobile operators and their advisors as bidder training and simulation tools.

Frontiers of Auction Design

We have implemented a number of innovative auction designs, based on our economists' research work. They have been used for auctions in new sectors, such as offshore wind energy and new gTLDs, as well as in established fields such as telecommunications and energy. We have implemented the Combinatorial Clock Auction with regional licenses for Australia and Canada. We played a key role in the design of the US Incentive Auction, and both the reverse and forward auctions were conducted successfully on the PowerAuctions™ software platform. Our software team is extremely experienced in faithfully implementing new auction designs.